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1. BASHH culture

Everyone’s an influencer. You know those southby parties where one person stands in the middle of the crowd and enjoys their web celebrity and everyone flocks like Bieber fans? While that’s great for them, it’s sooo not Austin – here, real celebrity or web celebrity is ignored because this is where the famous come to live like normal people.

BASHH is so very Austin, and at this event, no one is more important than anyone else in the room, and what makes the event special is that some of the coolest people you will meet are in the room and totally approachable.

2. First time at BASHH?

If you’ve never been to BASHH or you find yourself overwhelmed with the size of the crowd or you just don’t know what to do whilst at BASHH, some people have put a lot of thought into it:

We’d like to add our own list:

  1. Remember: you’re in a room of 70% people nervous to be in a crowd but come to BASHH as their monthly outlet, 20% of people who are okay with happy hours but worry what others think and 10% extroverts who make it look so easy. You’ll fit in!
  2. It’s a laid back environment- don’t come out trying to pimp your wares because in this group, friendships come first. Lots of business has come from time together over beer at BASHH and the group doesn’t adjust well to people who are smarmy.
  3. Bring a friend even if they’ve never heard of BASHH. It’s a great ice breaker and you have someone to have inside jokes with about your fun night!
  4. Put your Twitter name on your nametag if you’ve got one.
  5. Let your hair down. That’s the point.

3. Where to park, what to bring

Good news, people, you don’t need your printed ticket, so don’t kill a tree if you haven’t already, okay? Please BRING A FRIEND, even if they haven’t RSVPd – everyone will be let in as space allows (but it will be fine, The Ranch is one of the biggest bars in the city).

There is a list of nearby parking found by clicking here (but we found the map links are currently broken). For people driving, we recommend driving to the front of the venue so you have your bearings, (ps: there MAY be valet out front, which costs as little as a garage) and driving in the neighborhood north of (behind) the venue, OR there is a great, open late parking garage on Rio Grande across from Kung Fu Saloon, just across from The Ranch.

4. Event details

Click here for all of the event details (times, maps, pictures). Thanks again to our sponsors you see in the right sidebar, please give them some love for keeping this a free event. We welcome you all and can’t wait to see you!

Bonus: BASHH was on Craigslist missed connections once which is so awesome.


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