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Thank you for a fabulous 2012!

This year has been amazing, and we are so glad to have seen so many familiar faces and met so many new ones! The reunion was so much fun and boozey, and we’ve already seen your tweets and gotten your emails, “when is the next BASHH?” and our favorite:

Announcing 2013 dates:

While these dates for BASHH and the BizBASHH are tentative, and subject to change, it is our goal to stick to the following dates, so you can pencil them in now!

  1. January 10th at The Ranch
  2. February 7th at The Ranch
  3. March 7th at The Ranch
  4. April 11th at The Brew Exchange
  5. May 09th at The Brew Exchange
  6. June 20th at The Brew Exchange
  7. July 18th at The Brew Exchange
  8. August 29th at The Brew Exhcange
  9. September 26th at The Brew Exchange
  10. October 17th at The Brew Exchange
  11. November 14th at The Brew Exchange
  12. December 12th at The Brew Exchange

2015 dates will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Be the first to know WHERE the next event is:

Join the mailing list to be the first to find out more details of upcoming events (because let’s face it, it’s hard to remember to come back to this site every few weeks).

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