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big ass social happy hour BASHH

Meet your new BASHH buddy, Shawn

Sometimes it’s easier to go to your first BASHH or feel compelled to seek out new people if you have some familiar faces to approach, so in that spirit, meet Shawn Rooker, a riddle wrapped in an enigma, possibly filled with bacon. Let us explain…

You see, Shawn is a Realtor in Austin, but he doesn’t give off the smarmy vibes some of his fellow agents do, no, he’s chill and laid back, but extremely sharp. Shawn has a BA in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and also has his Master of Science (MS) in Criminal Justice. He’s long been tied to the real estate community, but we’ll let you read his Linkedin profile to dig deeper.

See? We told you he was an enigma riddle made of bacon. Shawn came to his first BASHH last month, so we asked him to give us his impressions; the following is unfiltered and in Shawn’s own words:

Tell us about your first BASHH

I’ve known about BASSH for a good long while, but never attended… No idea why, I’m not bashhful at all (lol) and I’m not thaaat busy. However, I had a quick meeting with a colleague (Sumina Bhatti), and she was going to BASHH that night. I had no reason not to attend, and I have always intended on going, so the rest is history.

Will we see you at BASHH again?

I most certainly will go again, every month! Why? Great crowd, lively, and very diverse. Folks from all over the business landscape.

What connections have you made at BASHH?

In the first 10 minutes of BASHH, I met someone who raises wolves. Of course, I can’t confirm that, but it sounds great to me! Also, it’s very cool to meet folks you interact with on Twitter. Or, it’s also great to meet folks that you can then chat with on Twitter in the future. I like Twitter, by the way. (Note from the Editor: Shawn can be found @ShawnKRooker, friends.)

Cat person or dog person?

Cat videos can be funny, it’s true. However, my dogs are like sons to me; they are tremendous. And they smile at me.

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