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amber demure

Meet a BASHH friend:

If it’s your first time coming to BASHH or you’re just in a rut and keep flocking to people you already know, get to know someone new today. For those of you not familiar with BASHH veteran Amber, she goes by Amber Demure and is an increasingly popular web comic artist who also runs an entertaining food blog filled with illustrations imposed on her food porn shots (you’ll have to go look to see what we mean, it’s awesome).

During the day, she is the Marketing Manager extraordinaire at Vinca, laser-cut jewelry made right here in Austin. Tip: she usually has free Vinca goodies with her at BASHH, so you should definitely hunt her down. Seriously. It’s good stuff. Meanwhile, connect with her on Twitter @Amber Demure and say hola.

Below is a completely unfiltered interview with Amber about her BASHH experience, and it’s an entertaining two minute read:

Tell us about your first BASHH

I kept seeing the #BATHH hashtag (back when it was “twitter” happy hour), and I don’t quite remember the rest of the details leading up to my first BASHH. I do remember thinking it was going to be cold and awkward, but that was way off. It was actually a drunken hug fest.

What keeps you coming back to BASHH?

The people attending! It’s a once a month event where I know I’ll catch up with everyone I know and love, then make a handful of more friends along the way. Almost every time I get to meet someone that’s been reading my comics for a while.

BASHH is actually part of a ritual for me and several friends that I met there now. First we go somewhere to pre-game, then we go to BASHH, then we do karaoke at Chinatown until 2, and then I send a barrage of regretful texts. This is just my experience though, I wouldn’t necessarily say I was the norm.

What connections have you made at BASHH?

Most of my best friendships were made at BASHH. I mean that. The most fun people for me to hang out with are people I first got to hang out with there.

From a business standpoint, I enjoy the fact that each time I go I get to hand out free jewelry from the local company that I work for. Lots of bloggers and Twitter users have reached out to us based on the photos people take of themselves wearing Vinca jewelry, and that helps us to gain exposure. On top of that, people seem to like me more because I give them free stuff. I feel like the earring fairy!



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