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joanna wilkinson @austinstylish

Make a friend, meet Joanna

Sometimes it’s easier to go to your first BASHH or feel compelled to seek out new people if you have some familiar faces to approach, so in that spirit, meet Joanna Wilkinson, founder of the burgeoning blog, Keep Austin Stylish. Joanna says her blog was created during a “fever induced boredom” one day but has grown into not only her hobby, but a lifestyle. She said, “I am so happy to be a part of Austin’s growing fashion scene by capturing and documenting the style of this city. Thank you to everyone who is keeping Austin stylish.”

We encourage you to connect with Joanna on her blog, on Twitter at @AustinStylish, or on the Keep Austin Stylish Facebook Page.

The following interview is unfiltered, uncensored, fun, and a great way to meet a BASHHer, so let’s go!

Tell us about your first BASHH

I honestly cannot remember my first BASHH and I’m not sure whether to attribute that to my bad memory or the amount of drinking that probably took place.

What keeps you coming back to BASHH?

I’ve met a lot of friends through BASHH and although we all keep up with each other via Twitter and other social media platforms, BASHH is a fun way to interact with everyone in person. Plus, ever since I started attending BASHH it’s become a tradition to sing karaoke afterwards. The after party is where the real magic happens.

What connections have you made at BASHH?

I think some of the people who attend BASHH are some of the most motivated people in Austin. Everyone is doing something and set on making some sort of impact. I’ve met several people who have been willing to help me out with with my blog. Austin is great because it is a town full of people wanting to collaborate and connect and BASHH is just a great way for those people to meet face to face. Plus, it never hurts to just get shitfaced drunk with people you met on the Internet.

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